Top Secret is the 2nd episode of Season 3

Featured ItemsEdit

Iwo Jima Battle Plans

  • Battle fought February 19 to March 26, 1945; 30,000 Marines landed first day of battle

"In the Heat of the Night" Script

  • Ran eight seasons from March 1988 to May 1995; Set in fictionalized Sparta, Mississippi
  • Passed over by Rick

1967 Ford F-100

  • F-Series: Best-selling trucks of all time; Manufactured 1953 to 1983
  • Bought by the Old Man for $2,500
  • Restored by Mike for $4,000, Total Investment: $6,500 Estimated value of $12,000-$14,000

Antique Ore Cart

  • Found in "ghost town" Goldfield, Nevada; Made by Truax Manufacturing Co. of Denver, Colorado

Trivia QuestionEdit

What was the shop's favorite autographed Hollywood picture?

  • A.Mary Pickford
  • B.Sammy Davis Jr.
  • C.Frank Sinatra