The Offer is the tenth episode of Season 7

Featured ItemsEdit

1956 Chevy Racecar

  • 125,000 Chevy 150s produced in 1956; advertised by Chevy as "The Hot One's Even Hotter"
  • Inspected by Danny
  • Bought by Rick for $37,000

Barbed Wire Collection

  • First successful barbed wire patented by Joseph Glidden in Illinois, 1874; used a hand-cranked coffee grinder to bend the wires
  • Bought by Rick for $50

1941 Navy Sextant

  • Sextant invented by English mathematician john Hadley in 1731; used at sea to determine ship's distance from equator
  • Bought by Corey for $265

Thurston Sawing in Half Box

  • Magician Howard Thurston lived 1869 to 1936; saw in half trick first publicly performed by British magician P.T. Selbit in 1921
  • Inspected by Murray Sawchuck
  • Passed over by Corey

Trivia QuestionEdit

Which American President was nicknamed "The Little Magician"?

  • A. James Madison
  • B. Theodore Roosevelt
  • C. Martin Van Buren (8th President of U.S. and 2nd shortest president at 5'6", he was known to magically end up on winning side of any debate)