Shekel and Hyde is the thirtieth episode of Season 6

Featured ItemsEdit

Shekel of Tyre

  • Tyre is a Phoenician city in what is today Lebanon; they issued silver coins from 130B.C. to 70A.D. but no two are alike due to primitive minting processes
  • Bought by Rick for $1,600

Duesenberg Drawings

  • Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Co. founded in 1913; Fred and August Duesenberg were self-taught and built their cars by hand
  • Inspected by Brett Maly
  • A deal couldn't be made between Corey and the seller

1860 Engraved Colt Army Pistols

  • Second half of the 1800s considered the "Golden Age" of gun engraving; Colt produced its 1860 Army model for 14 years
  • Bought by Rick for $5,000

Military Emergency Water

  • Emergency water was canned to make it rodent and insect-proof; U.S. Military spending accounts for 44% of all global military spending
  • Bought by Corey for $200

Trivia QuestionEdit

What did Judas do with the 30 pieces of silver he received?

  • A. Bought farmland
  • B. Returned it (was consumed with guilt and later hung himself)
  • C. Fed his family