Rick's Big Bet is the tenth episode of Season 1

Featured ItemsEdit

1930's Wayne Gas Pump

  • First gas pump invented in 1885; Wayne Oil Tank Company was founded in 1891
  • Bought by Rick for $100
  • Restored by Rick Dale for $2,500; total investment: $2,600

1930's Slot Machine

  • First mechanical slot machine invented in 1895; made of cast iron, it wieghed over 100 pounds
  • Pawned for $500

WWII Bayonets

  • Legend says bayonets were first used in Bayonne, France in the 1600's; still issued to U.S. Marines today
  • Inspected by Paul Milbury
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

Trivia QuestionEdit

Which of Rick's Gold Records is the most valuable?

  • A. Frank Sinatra "Come Dance With Me" ($2,500)
  • B. The Platters "High Fidelity" ($800)
  • C. Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song" ($1,800)