Pawn Stars is a hit reality-television show which is currently airing on History. The show focuses on the operations of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shop is co-owned by Rick Harrison and his father, Richard Harrison. The show centers on the day-to-day operations of the shop, the rare and strange items that come into the shop, and the interactions between the shop's employees.


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Pawn Stars has aired a total of 177 episodes as of August 5, 2012 since the show's debut on September 27, 2009. It has become the most watched series on History, and the second-most watched reality-television series out of all the networks, behind Jersey Shore.


Main employeesEdit

Other employeesEdit


  • Mark Allen
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Jesse Amoroso
  • Joe Ashman
  • Jemishon Beshears
  • Jeremy Brown
  • Rick Dale
  • Tony Dee
  • Bob Demel
  • Ferdinand Geitner
  • Craig Gottlieb
  • Mark Hall-Patton
  • Johnny Jimenez
  • Danny "The Count" Koker
  • Wally Korhonen
  • Dana Linett
  • Mark Logan
  • Brett Maly
  • Drew Max
  • Paul Milbury
  • Sean Rich
  • Rebecca Romney
  • Charles Roof
  • Murray SawChuck
  • Matthew C. Shortal
  • Jay Tell
  • Bill Ybarzabal
  • Brendan Fraser


  • The show was originally going to be called "Pawning History," but a staff member at Leftfield Pictures suggested that they use "Pawn Stars," due to its play on "porn stars" and the hook factor to it. The executives at History agreed, believing it to be more pleasing to the ears and easily remembered.
  • Due to the show's high ratings, other networks have tried to make their own versions of the show, like Hardcore Pawn on truTV.
  • There are two spinoffs of the show. The first is American Restoration, which features Rick Dale. The second is Counting Cars, with Danny "The Count" Koker