Pablo Pawncasso is the eighteenth episode of Season 4.

Featured ItemsEdit

Rolling Stone First Issue

  • Rolling Stone founded by UC Berkeley dropout Jann Wenner in 1967; funded with money loaned byhis girlfriend's parents
  • Bought by Rick and Corey for $300

Ohio State Football Pendants

  • Tradition started under coach Francis Schmidt in 1934; recipients become members of "Gold Pants Club"
  • Bought by Rick for $2,000

Pablo Picasso Etchings

  • Picasso lived from 1881 to 1973; most famous artist of 20th century
  • Inspected by Brett
  • Rick passed on the dove, but bought the Pour Roby for $650; estimated value $800-$1500

1931 REO Flying Cloud

  • REO Motor Car Company founded in Lansing, MI in 1905; model's original list price about $1,600
  • Inspected by Danny
  • Passed over by Rick and the Old Man

1980s Coin-Op Breathalyzer

  • Attempts to measure alcohol in breath date to 19th century; modern Breathalyzer invented in 1954 by Robert Borkenstien
  • Bought by Rick for $125

Trivia QuestionEdit

What is the most popular item that people purchase in the shop?

  • A. Watches
  • B. Jewelry
  • C. Antique Firearms