On Guard is the seventh episode of Season 6.

Featured ItemsEdit

Vintage Pig BBQ

  • Some say the word barbeque comes from West Indies' "barbacoa"; means to "slow-cook meat over hot coals"
  • Bought by Corey for $375

Queen's Guard Uniform

  • Queen's Guard responsible for safety of Buckingham Palace; the detail was formed in 1642
  • Inspected by Mark Hall-Patton
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

"Kingpin" Bowling Ball

  • "Kingpin" directed by The Farrelly Brothers, released in 1996; the film grossed $25 million
  • Bought by Chumlee for $50

Tortoise Shell Guitar

  • Tortoise shells made up of 60 interconnected bones; lifespan of a tortoise is around 130 years
  • Inspected by Jesse Amoroso
  • Passed over by Rick

Trivia QuestionEdit

The world's oldest living animal is a tortoise, how old is he?

  • A. 110 years
  • B. 150 yeard
  • C. 180 years (named Jonathan, this tortoise was born circa 1832, the same year President Andrew Jackson was re-elected)