Off the Hook is the the twenty-fourth episode of Season 6

Featured ItemsEdit

Sam Sheppard Trial Sketches

  • Sheppard was convicted of killing his wife Marilyn on July 4, 1954; Supreme Court ruled his constitutional rights had been violated and freed him in 1964
  • Inspected by Bret Maly; estimated worth of $10,000
  • Bought by Rick for 4,300

Telephone Book from 1895

  • First telephone book issued in New Haven, CT, 1879; printed on a single sheet of paper
  • Passed by the Old Man

Signed 1962 All-Star Game Baseball

  • Inaugural MLB All-Star Game played in 1933; over 38,000 people attended the 1962 game at Wrigley Field
  • Inspected by Jeremy Brown; estimated value of $600-$800
  • Bought by Rick for $450

Homemade Tank

  • Tanks developed during WWI to break deadlock of trench warfare; first tank vs. tank battle took place between Great Britain and Germany, 1916
  • Passed by the Old Man, although Olivia wanted it

Trivia QuestionEdit

What profession did Sam Sheppard take up after his release?

  • A. Doctor
  • B. Radio Host
  • C. Professional Wrestler (went by the name "Killer Sheppard")