Just Shoe It is the 26th episode of Season 6

Featured ItemsEdit

2006 Longitude II Watch

  • Arnold & son established in the Netherlands, 1764; earned fame after presenting King George III with the smallest repeating watch ever made
  • Bought by Rick for $3,100

Vintage Handcuff Collection

  • Handcuff is derived from Anglo-Saxon "handcops" meaning hand-bond; modern handcuffs invented by W.V. Adams in 1862
  • Inspected by Murray Sawchuck
  • Bought by Corey and Chumlee for $8,100

WWII Panoramic Photo

  • Las Vegas Army Air Base opened in 1942; was used to train fighter pilots
  • A deal couldn't be made between the Old Man and the seller


  • The ShoeZeum originally opened in San Diego moved to Las Vegas in August 2012; houses over 2,500 pairs of Nike shoes with 23 shoe exhibits
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

Trivia QuestionEdit

Why was the Nike Air Jordan originally banned from the NBA in 1985?

  • A. Height of the heel
  • B. Not enough white (before the ban the NBA fined Michael Jordan $5,000 a game for wearing them, which Nike paid)
  • C. Air-cushioned soles