High Stakes is the forty-eighth episode of Season 4

Featured ItemsEdit

1830s Percussion Pistol

  • Alexander Forsyth invented percussion cap system in 1807; cap of explosives is detonated when struck by firing pin
  • Bought by Rick for $435
  • Inspected by Sean Rich; esimated value of $600-$800

1958 Glastron Boat

  • Glastron founded by Robert Hammond in 1956; original price for finned boats: $1,200 to $2,000
  • Passed over by Rick

Autographed Dracula Book

  • Bram Stoker lived from 1847 to 1912; Dracula first published in 1897
  • Signature authenticated by Drew Max
  • Boght by Corey for $2,350; estimated value of 4,000-$5,000

1973 Penn State Orange Bowl Ring

  • First Orange Bowl game held New Year's Day 1935; Penn State made its Orange Bowl debut in 1969
  • Passed over by Rick and Corey due to the engraving being removed

Antique Billiard Items

  • Modern billiards derived from croquet-like lawn game; Ivory billiard balls were a satus symbol in 17th century
  • Bought by Corey for $700

Trivia QuestionEdit

What's the most a seller has ever asked for an item?

  • A. $150,000
  • B. $300,000
  • C. $1,000,000 (Robosaurus)