Hello Nurse is the twenty-first episode of Season 3

Featured ItemsEdit

Kentucky Long Rifle

  • Originally known as Pennsylvania long rifle; designed by German immigrants in mid-1700s
  • Inspected by Sean Rich
  • Bought by Rick for $1,400; estimated value of $1,800-$2,800

World War II Plate and Bowl

  • Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945; favorite retreat: Eagle's Nest in the German Alps
  • Passed over by Rick

1899 Walking Stick

  • Popularized in England under King Henry VIII; most often made of ash, chestnut or oak
  • Bought by Rick for $250

G.I. Joe Nurse Action Doll

  • G.I. Joe introduced in 1964; original price: $5.99
  • Inspected by Johnny Jimenez
  • Bought by Rick for $800; estimated value of $1,200-$1,500

Vintage Golf Cart

  • Golf carts introduced in 1940s; originally designed for people with disabilities
  • Bought by Rick for $150

Trivia QuestionEdit

Of these three items, which is the most valuable?

  • A. Three Karat Diamond ($90,000)
  • B. Faberge' Brooch ($25,000)
  • C. Picasso's "Fluffy Haired Woman" ($70,000)