Funny Money is the nineteenth episode of Season 6

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F.D.R. Meets Ibn Saud Book

  • Franklin Roosevelt met King Ibn Saud onboard U.S.S. Quincy in February, 1945; book written by William A. Eddy and published in 1954
  • Inspected by Rebecca Romney
  • Bought by Rick for $550;estimated worth of $1,000

Scissor Katar

  • Katar is a push dagger that originated in India around 1600; scissor katar considered more of a novelty than a weapon
  • Bought by Rick for $65

Picasso Lithograph

  • Pablo Picasso lived 1881 to 1973 and produced over 250,000 works of art; his complete body of work is valued at $788 million
  • Inspected by Brett Maly; estimated value of $100,000
  • Pawned for $20,000

John Wayne Saddle

  • Born Marion Robert Morrison in 1907; started movie career after losing his USC football scholarship due to an injury
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

Trivia QuestionEdit

Corey recently bought a panel from an SR-71 spy plane for $1,500. How much did he sell it for?

  • A. $2,500 (a 60% profit)
  • B. $1,400
  • C. $1,700