Corey, I Am Your Father is the thirty-second episode of Season 6

Section headingEdit

JFK Campaign Memorabilia

  • John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson faced off for the Democratic Presidential nomination in Los Angelos, CA; Kennedy united the party by asking Johnson to join him on the Democratic ticket
  • Bought by Rick for $250

Smith Civil War Rifle

  • Patented by Gilbert Smith in 1857; the Federal Government bought 30,000 between 1861 and 1865
  • Inspected by Craig Gottlieb
  • Bought by Rick for 2,100; estimated value of $2,500-$2,750

"Star Wars" Collectibles

  • Kenner products made 100 unique action figures based on the movie; they sold over 300 million of them between 1978 and 1985
  • Inspected by Johnny Jimenez
  • Bought by Corey for $7,000: estimated value of $9,000-$12,000

Scottish Table

  • The modern kilt, also known as Highland Dress, came into fashion in the 1700s; it was banned by King George II, along with bagpipes, for promoting Highlander heritage
  • Passed over by Rick

Trivia QuestionEdit

Where did George Lucas get the inspiration for the character Chewbacca?

  • A. His dog Indiana (he liked the way the dog looked in the passenger seat of his wife's car)
  • B. Yogi Bear
  • C. Baloo from "The Jungle Book"