Cool as Ike is the fifty-third episode of Season 5

Featured ItemsEdit

Signed Eisenhower Book

  • Dwight David Eisenhower lived 1890 to 1969; "Crusade in Europe" published in 1948
  • Inspected by Rebecca Romney
  • Bought by Rick for $900; estimated value of $1,500

Apollo 11 Food Bags

  • Apollo 11 launched July 16, 1969; Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first men to walk on Moon
  • Bought by Corey for $100

Remington New Model Army

  • Manufactured 1863 to 1875; .44 caliber version dubbed "Army" due to popularity with U.S. military
  • Inspected by Craig Gottlieb
  • Bought by Rick for $1,600; estimated value of $2,000

1970 Bottle of Petrus Pomeral

  • Chateau Petrus located in France's Bordeaux region; inherited by Madame Loubat in 1920
  • Passed over by Rick 

Trivia QuestionEdit

After contracting blood poisoning, what limb did Eisenhower nearly lose as a child?

  • A. Leg (doctors recommended amputation, but he refused and miraculously recovered)
  • B. Arm
  • C. Hand