Brothels & Busses is the 7th episode of Season 1

Featured ItemsEdit

1750 Blunderbuss

  • Popular gun from 1670's to 1840's; Comes from "donderbus," a Dutch word meaning thunder gun

Fighter Plane Ejection Seat

  • First emergency use of an ejection seat was in 1943; New ones cost up to $150,000
  • Inspected by Ken
  • Passed over by Rick

1966 Schinn Sting Ray

  • Founded in Chicago in 1895; Most famous Schwinn bikes: the Stingray (1963) and Phantom (1949)
  • Pawned for $300

Vegas Autographs

  • 1960- First Rat Pack performance ever happened at the Sand's Copa Room; The five members: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Davis and Peter Lawford
  • Bought by Rick for $400 

Trivia QuestionEdit

What percentage of customers can't reach an agreed price with the Pawn Stars?

  • A. 35%
  • B. 60%
  • C. 75%