Boom or Bust is the season premiere of Season 1 and also the series premiere of Pawn Stars. In this episode, the items that come in the shop include a cannon, a suit of armor, and a table saw. Also, The Old Man is forced to get an eye exam after misidentifying a Carson City silver dollar

Featured ItemsEdit


The cannon being fired by Rick.

1890 Hotchkiss 2lb. Cannon
  • Less than 50 in existence world-wide; used in Cuba for the attack on San Juan Hill
  • Inspected by Rick (Cannon Expert).
  • Bought by Rick for $30,000; estimated worth of $40,000

Replica Roman Suit of Armor

  • Authentic Roman armor was made of iron and steel; only a handful have been found intact
  • Passed over by Corey, although Chumlee wanted it

Knapp Custom Table Saw

  • Worth $20,000 new; Knapp is considered the Rolls-Royce of table saws
  • Pawned for $4,500.

Trivia QuestionEdit

"What is the most valuable item at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop?"

  • A. 2001 Super Bowl Ring ($60,000)
  • B. Picasso's Ink Sketch ($4,000)
  • C. 15th Century Samurai Sword ($8,000)