Bare Bones is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 3

Featured ItemsEdit

Plant and Spider Fossils

  • Oldest known fossils about 3 billion years old; these pieces from the Paleozoic Era
  • Inspected by Scott Foss
  • Bought by Rick for$1,100

Down and Dirty Motorcycle Frame

  • Manufactured by Santee of Mrgan Hill, CA; name refers to frame's bare-bones design
  • Bought by Corey for $3,000
  • Built by Danny Koker for $15,000; Total investment: $18,000; estimated value of $25,000 and up

Stardust Casino Blackjack Table

  • Casino operated 1958 to 2006; 1000-room hotel once largest in Vegas
  • Bought by Rick for $650

Vintage Coke Signs

  • Coke invented in 1886; logo designed by Coke's bookkeeper same year
  • Bought by the Old Man for $250

Trivia QuestionEdit

What is the most valuable 'Old West' item in The Shop?

  • A. 1860 Dynamite Detonator ($600)
  • B. 1875 Remington Revolver ($15,000)
  • C. 1890 Steam Locomotive Replica ($2,000)