Ah, Shoot! is the fourteenth episode of season 4.

Section headingEdit

Ansel Adams Print

  • Ansel Adams born February 20,1902; famous for black-and-white photos of Yosemite
  • Authenticated by Brett
  • A deal couln'd be made between Rick and the seller

1987 Jaguar XJ6

  • Jaguar Cars Limited founded in 1922; originally called Swallow Sidecar Company
  • Bought by Rick and the Old Man for $2,500
  • Restored by Danny for $3,500; total investment: $6,000

1942 Chicago Bears Football

  • Chicago Bears established in 1919; most totals victories of any NFL team
  • Bought by Rick and Corey for $2,500

"Dewey Defeats Truman" Newspaper

  • Ran in Chicago Tribune on November 3, 1948; around 150,000 copies printed
  • Passed over by Corey

$500 and $1,000 Notes

  • Issued in 1934; number printed: approximately 39,000 each
  • Bought by Rick for $5,500

Trivia QuestionEdit

Why did the Old Man open the shop?

  • A. To make money
  • B. To keep busy after his Navy career
  • C. His old business burned down